Michigan Dining User Testing

I held user testing for the Michigan Dining website, a site that was developed by a third‑party group. My testing helped inform me of immediate changes to make and future overhauls to consider.

Testing for Improvements

Though I didn’t design the Michigan Dining website, I did have the task of cleaning it up to make it successful. In order to give myself an idea of the most critical things to fix, I held testing with several individuals.

Under a tight budget, I was able to follow this methodology:

  • Interview questions, both general and specific to Michigan Dining
  • Card sorting activity to prioritize the site’s functionality and information
  • User test with four tasks to complete, captured with notes, screen recording, and audio from test subject
  • Ending conversation to summarize thoughts

After my set of tests was complete, I presented my summary to the client, supporting my findings with correlating data from Google Analytics. Additionally, the problems showed me what I needed to immediately fix on the site and what would need to be considered in a larger redesign for the future.

Improvements to Testing

Given more time, this work would greatly benefit from mobile testing. For instance, it would be valuable to suggest tasks to complete while they are walking from class to a dining hall. In addition, I would like to do long-form observation to understand under what circumstances students decide to use or avoid the site.