Rosine-Matula Wedding

For my sister’s wedding, I developed an informational website and designed all of the related printed materials, including formal invitations, RSVP cards, table numbers, signage, and place settings.

Over several months, I worked with my sister and brother-in-law to develop a consistent theme for their wedding. Both preferred simple and classic designs, so I made sure my work was elegant and confidently minimal.

My biggest task was the development of a lightweight website, spelling out most of the logistics and reduce the resources spent on printed materials. In addition, I also created postcards, signage, and placecards, including a finely printed formal invitation with foil-stamped embellishments. I made sure each part adhered to the elegant design.

Though the wedding has come and gone, this project helped me gain experience for freelance work in the future. I especially see the importance of keeping organized with details meticulously spelled out: being able to refer back to deadline dates and agreed specs was incredibly helpful to my sister (and to me!) throughout the design process.