Hey there!
I’m John Matula,
a product designer
and frontend developer.

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I’ve been interested in design and tech as long as I can remember, so a lot of my hobbies sound like work (they aren’t, I swear!). I’m often reading about the newest brand redesign or playing around with typography and photography on my Instagram.

Beyond that, you’ll also find me taking care of too many plants, taste-testing snacks, and upping my home décor game. And I can’t forget some of my favorite acronyms, like RPDR, NPR, and MBMBaM.

Professionally, I’ve been in some sort of UX design, graphic design, or frontend development role since 2011. I really enjoy seeing a project from all sides: its frontend and backend feasibility, its aesthetic quality, its business value. Currently, I am seeking out new opportunities after taking a creative sabbatical.

Let’s get in touch!

Email me at john@johnmatu.la and download my résumé.

Right now, I’m not accepting new projects beyond quick consultations, but thank you for your interest!